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Ever since they rescued 1200 tonnes of Jarrah and Karri in 54 semi-trailer loads from Western Australia 30 years ago, Kenney Pierce Timber have been using unwanted old timber out of respect for our beautiful Australian forests, while at the same time supplying discerning clients with a wide range of beautiful and unique timbers.

The timber that Kenney Pierce Timber supplies has really aged twice.

Firstly, construction timber in the past did not come from the indiscriminate clear felling of immature species, but was handpicked from ancient growth forests for specific qualities such as length, strength and grain. It is was brought down by axemen who knew their timber.

Secondly, after leaving the mill this timber has stood for up to a century, supporting huge weights and gently air-drying the whole time.

Unlike wood recently felled from forests or plantations, our timber features the following unique qualities:

Since our humble beginnings the whole recycled timber industry has really matured. These days we can X-ray timber and clearly detect any metal objects within the wood we supply. Together with our efficient de-nailing service, the wood you buy now is of a vastly superior quality to that which was on the market in years gone by. Increasingly our wood is used in large-scale commercial and retail environments. We still machine and mill timber for a whole variety of large and small clients, and to compliment this, we have recently acquired the ability to kiln dry any freshly cut quality timber that comes onto the market.

So as you can see, we still love wood and we still love working with wood. Please consider using recycled Australian timber on your next job, and join us in this practical step towards preserving Australias' old-growth forests and making the world a more beautiful place.